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5 Stunning Photography Ideas For Outstanding Family Portraits


When it comes to creativity with photography, nothing beats having an artistic eye that can conjure up complex and beautiful images from the simplest of subjects. Whether you are taking photographs of your pets or landscapes, try a few photography ideas to spice up your pictures. You'll be amazed at the results!


Choosing the right texture can really bring out the beauty of a subject. For instance, when photographing a distant landscape, choose a texture that best describes the land such as a sandy beach, a rocky path, or a flowerbed. The use of subtle atmospheric touches in your photography will add beautiful depth and texture to your pictures. They will also turn ordinary cityscapes and landscapes into something incredible. Use a large-aperture lens to take a greater view of the scene, for the most striking effects. To add texture, post-processing stage is vital to add depth to the photo.

Time Suspension: 

Using time suspension is another photography tip that can be applied to other subjects. Think about a speeding vehicle. While the speed of the vehicle may be breathtaking, the effect captured is more about the action. When taking a photograph of a speeding vehicle, applying time suspension during the initial phase of the action and then using wide-field and telephoto lenses later on can create amazing effects.

Golden Rectangles: 

You can add golden tones to your photographs using a little known technique. The technique uses the out of focus areas in the picture. You do this by lining them up so that they form a golden rectangle. This golden rectangle is then exposed evenly in the camera. Since each area of the rectangle has an out of focus edge, you'll be able to see the golden effect more clearly. It's also easier because you don't need a dark room.

Wide Angle Lens: 

Some of the most beautiful photography images are those taken with a wide Angle lens. Landscape photography is one genre that highly benefits from a wide lens. Since the camera sees everything from the edge of the horizon to the far corners, it creates some remarkable images. Try to take as many landscape shots as possible with a wide angle lens.

Colour Conversion: 

Colour conversion is one of the most important aspects of any creative photography project. If you're working on a colour photo, such as a wedding photograph or a product photograph, you should try to change the colour of the background from its original colour to the new colour. This helps bring life to otherwise bland images and allows you to add a different dimension to your image.

Slow Shutter Speed: 

For a creative photography project, you should use a slow shutter speed. Shooting a moving object at a slow shutter speed will help make the image look more dynamic and alive. You can increase the amount of time between photos by using an auto flash function.

It's also important to think about your photography settings when you're preparing to shoot a certain subject. For example, if you want to take a shot of a very distant object, you should aim for a distance which is greater than the object's farthest point. Taking the shot from further away will make the foreground appear clearer and more detailed. So, always keep all these points in mind when you're preparing to shoot a particular image. The final result of your photography session can only be as good as your preparation and skills.

Image Stretching: 

Another great way to get that perfect shot of a specific subject is to apply some post-processing to it. There are two types of post-processing to choose from - automatic and manual. With the latter, you have to manually do the corrections to the image. This can be quite time-consuming and tedious task. On the other hand, using automatic post-processing will automatically adjust the image for you, resulting in a less tedious photo-shoot.

Portrait Photography: 

Portraits are another stunning photography idea that can make you stand out in a crowd. The key to photography of a portrait is keeping the background interesting and contrasting with the foreground. Keep your background clear and free from any obstructions; it should not be too busy or distracting to the main subject of the portrait. If there are any architectural details in the background, make sure you capture them for a great photo.

Shutter Speed: 

The speed at which you expose your camera lens is also crucial for a great portrait. If your lens is unable to take a clear image, the result will be blurry. Therefore, the ideal shutter speed for photography of this kind is between one and two seconds. When you are composing for a portrait, always remember to move the camera and take a few steps back to compensate for any camera movement. It helps eliminate the backgrounds from blurring when you move your camera. After all, this is the goal of a stunning photo shoot!

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