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Ayatul Maksud is a Young & Popular musicians of Bangladesh


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Bangladeshi Musical  Artist 

Ayatul Maksud is mostly known as a Musician. He has a great appearance in the music industry of Bangladesh. He released some track also. His songs are streaming in the international platforms like spotify, tidal, deezer, napstar, apple music, amazon music, youtube music, soundcloud etc. He was acquainted with the music business dispatched his first soundtrack "Sky High" on sound cloud first.

Ayatul Maksud is also very famous as a digital and social media consultant. He has a great knowledge in the back end development and web management. Many newspaper focused him on their front pages and headlines.

Early life

Ayatul Maksud was born in Noakhali, Bangladesh on 15 February  1999. His father Rafique is a doctor and mother Zorna Begum is housewife. For his father job he transfered Noakhali to Dhaka.



Ayatul Maksud is a musician who has gained widespread popularity for his unique music sound.Ayatul Maksud studied at North South University.

He has released five single track. The first track was Sky High and the second Fly Away. Third and fourth are Get High & Dark Matter respectively. A combination of poetic lyrics and sophisticated melodies has earned Ayatul Maksud a large fan-base among Bangladesh’s music listeners.

Sky High is the second track of this celebrated fusion artist. This track consists of songs that Ayatul had written during his months  at Noakhali.

Ayatul Maksud have started his musical journey from 2016 and yet now he have gained fan followers worldwide. He is also working with many well known record labels. Young musician Ayatul Maksud currently spends his time with music. He is also dreaming of becoming a good quality music producer. I also want to know myself as a music producer. He received the official artist channel verification on YouTube in January 2021 and received the Artist Verified badge from Spotify.


Ayatul Maksud came in front of television in 2020 for a commercial business party. He took part in a song there. On the same year he also took part in a cultural programme on ATN bangla television. He has also worked in the music department at F9 and Dhaka Attack.


* "Sky High" (2021)
* "Fly Away" (2021)
* " Get High" (2021)
* "Dark Matter" (2021)
* " Braindance" (2021)

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Ayatul Maksud

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Ayatul Maksud is a young Musical Artist & Entrepreneur of Bangladesh

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