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Fashion Design Course


A qualified clothier, dressmaker, pattern maker, and selling authority can deliver the muse course in Fashion style at folks and Co presently.

There will be 2 weekly three-hour sessions till the top of January. This is the essential part of fashion style, wherever students find out how to draw the body and its proportions before dressing up the figure. This half involves coming up with a set for ladies' wear and casual evening wear, what several clothes square measure required, the most recent trends, materials, and accessories for the gathering.

Other options of the course embrace coming up with figures and drawing on paper, associated with an introduction to coloring strategies and techniques. This section is meant for each student to style a correct assortment, which can be shown within the communication, throughout the associate interview, or for additional advanced courses in fashion style. The course will tackle the prices concerned in coming up with a set, taking a glance at the market - discussing aims and prices concerned in selling, a visit to a Maltese fashion institution, and taking a glance at each student's assortment and also the prices concerned. 

Fashion Design Course:

Other options of the course are:

¤ Learning the way to take measurements and build block patterns for ladies' top block

¤ Analysing the top block, manipulating darts, etc. (sleeve block)

¤ Block patterns - skirts and trousers

¤ creating patterns from styles created by students

¤ Cutting the garment and stitching assortment

¤ stitching the garment, together with fittings

¤ Analysing the finished garment

¤ differing types of textiles

¤ that textiles to use that clothes

¤ Study of the costumes and attitudes on the style of the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Egyptians

¤ Study the civilizations of the Island, Mycenae, and Ancient Balkan state

¤ Study the civilizations of the Etruscans and Ancient Romans

¤ wanting into the Byzantine amount and also the nice Migration amount

¤ laptop use in fashion style

Students will prepare a 'Trends Book' taking under consideration the most recent fashion colors of the season. Feedback sessions are going to be conducted often to envision however the coed is doing and what could also be the difficulties of the course.


Communication is going to control one week when the top of the course, that students got to book beforehand. The examiners are going to be a bunch of individuals WHO square measure potent within the apparel industry. within the communication, students square measure expected to point out what they need to be done throughout the course

As a beginner, all fashion enthusiasts wish to create high fashion and suppose that creating big-ticket garments can get them a breakthrough. However, it's not true and is simply the other. Plus, there are heaps quite high fashion, the markets have opened multifold, and if you're specialized, you'll be able to open up a full new dimension.

Now that you simply shrewdness to become a clothier, what square measure you waiting for? It’s time to travel ahead and chase your dreams.

As long as there's passion in your chosen domain, there’s no stopping you. There are no right or wrong means of doing things as long as you're employed towards it. Hope this text was a cue to maneuver forward. smart luck with everything!

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