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About me:

I'm Azhar Hamid. I live in old town in Dhaka city. I'm very simple person. I don't do gossips. I talk less but I do my work very well. I love to eat. I love biriyani very much! My favorite festival is Eid - ul - Adha. I enjoy this festival very very much. I'm a cold hearted person. I don't show off my emotions to others. If I do so, it makes me weak. But I love everyone. 

Here is my life goal,

To earn maximum money from a specific company is first priority. I can learn something different from a specific company where I will work. Working with you is good for me because I can learn something new every day from your company and achievements is bonus point for me. I want to work with your company and I will prove that you choose the right person for your company.


I completed my Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams in 2011 from Bangladesh Open University. Then I started Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) course in 2012. I finished my HSC exams in 2014 from Nabakumar Institute & Dr. Shahidullah College

I started Graphic Design course in 2015 and it finished in 2016. I did graphic design course from Creative IT Institute of Bangladesh


Working as Sales Executive at a travel agency named Sunshine Express Travel INC. Have a good experience in Global Distribution System (GDS) named Sabre Red.

I also do Freelance work as Logo & Brand Designer. I have 4 years of experience in Logo & Brand Design. 

What kind of projects is Azhar Hamid looking for?

I'm recently working in a travel agency named Sunshine Express Travel INC. I work here as Sales Executive. I also do Freelance work as Logo & Brand Designer

I'm finding a suitable job for me. I'm know Graphic Design, Sales Executive work, so I'm searching these type of job. 

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